Tuesday June 9th 2020

The network perimeter is dissolving. Even before the coronavirus pandemic forced millions of Americans to begin working from home, traditional network boundaries had been eroding for years. The rapid growth of mobile devices and cloud computing have redefined the network – and redefined the challenges to secure it. Data has migrated to places where traditional security technology is blind. That evolution has been drastically sped up by the Covid-19 shutdowns, and securing and protecting your data during the coming recovery will be crucial.

Responding to this shift – and future-proofing your network for the years to come – means rethinking your approach to security. For an in-depth discussion of this vital issue, join Government Technology on June 9, at 11 am PT/2 pm ET. In this valuable webinar, industry experts and public officials will share their thoughts on the evolving needs of securing the cloud.

Specifically, participants will learn:

  • Lessons from the pandemic in securing a rapidly changing network perimeter
  • The biggest challenges that lie ahead for state and local agencies
  • Best practices for identifying and responding to security breaches in real time
  • The most important steps to take right now to ensure cloud security for the future