Tuesday December 19th 2017

Information that’s inaccurate, incomplete or inaccessible is a risk to public safety, but it’s unfortunately a reality for many government agencies.

Siloed systems and business processes make it difficult to securely share data. When this happens, warrants can be denied, cases may be dropped, or dangerous individuals may be wrongly released. To protect our communities, public safety agencies must drastically improve their information sharing capabilities.

Presented in a Q&A, panel-style format, this interactive one-hour webinar, “Increasing Public Safety: Getting the Right Information at the Right Time,” will discuss how agencies can integrate existing systems within the criminal justice process and allow for information sharing across system and departmental boundaries.

Panelists will cover:

  • Key challenges to information sharing – and how to overcome them
  • How public safety agencies can increase inter-agency collaboration, real-time decision making and analytics that can expose trends for criminal investigations
  • What implications better information sharing has for the rest of the government enterprise

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
11 AM PT/ 2PM ET
Complimentary Webinar

Featured Speakers:                                           

Joe Panora
Former Director of Enterprise Information Services
State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government
David Taylor
Vice President
State, Local, and Provincial Government Solutions
Software AG
Morgan Wright
Senior Fellow
Center for Digital Government


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