Wednesday September 18th 2019
TIG Sacramento Office
770 L St. Suite 950
Sacramento, CA 95814

The complexity of today’s data center architectures makes it impossible for IT to respond to the needs of the business in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This can relegate IT to the role of cost center rather an innovator. To meet these challenges, data center managers are continuing to leverage virtualization and technologies that embrace the ease of management and adaptability that virtualization brings to the table. We have seen virtualization transform the role of a physical server and we are now experiencing the transformation of storage through software-defined storage technology. With Dell’s acquisition of EMC (and VMware), we see the perfect blend of compute, storage and virtualization. For example:

▪ VMware’s vSAN technology coupled with Dell compute platform forges a hyper-converged appliance that is easy to deploy, consume and support.

▪ Managed through the well-known VMware vCenter Server, VxRail Appliances provide existing VMware customers an experience they are familiar with allowing them to seamlessly integrate VxRail into their existing IT infrastructure.

Who Should Attend

You will gain the most from this seminar if you are familiar with basic storage networking concepts and have a desire to learn about the latest in Hyper-Converge and Data Protection technologies. This workshop provides a results-oriented focus that is designed for those responsible for developing data center solutions that span compute, network, storage, and data protection.

The goal of this workshop is to help you understand the fundamentals and advantages of Dell Technologies VxRail and VMware vSAN platforms and their key enabling technologies. The workshop will provide knowledge and understanding of Dell Technologies data protection, with focus on the newest member of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) family known as DP4400.

The condensed training format will focus on the information, tools, messaging and resources to make sound decisions and give you the opportunity to meet others on the same Hyper-Converged and Data Protection journey