Wednesday June 22nd 2016

Please join us for this informative demo focused webinar on June 22 at 10AM PST hosted by Malcolm Eaton, Business Development Director at Kiefer Consulting, Inc. 

Contract management and document approval can be cumbersome processes for many organizations. Whether a legal department, government agency or organization using third-party vendors. The process can be time-consuming, error pone, costly and paper-intensive.

SharePoint combined with Nintex software allows companies to simplify and streamline the contract management process by focusing on people, process and content. The Nintex Workflow Platform provides immediate ROI in addressing contract management needs by:

  • Providing robust user friendly forms and workflows associated with the process incorporating automated notifications 
  • Automating and managing the entire Contract Lifecycle within your SharePoint environment 
  • Increasing visibility and control through robust reporting mechanisms improving governance and compliance


By integrating DocuSign you make the approval process simple, secure and fully digital. It allows you to: 

  • Manage signed legally binding contracts across your organization 
  • Incorporate robust authentication, encryption, tamper-seal certificates, chain of custody, and a non-repudiable audit trail within the process


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