Tuesday May 16th 2017

The adoption of SaaS applications continues to grow at an exponential pace. You do not want to clamp down on these applications because they are valuable tools for many of your employees. However, because the data and usage of these SaaS applications is invisible to IT administrators, they do expose your organization to potentially disastrous security and data theft risks.

Join us for a live webinar where you will learn how your organization can enable safe usage of SaaS applications and:

  • Gain visibility and granular, context-based control of SaaS applications.
  • Protect corporate data from malicious and inadvertent exposure after it has left the traditional corporate perimeter.
  • Protect against new insertion and distribution points for malware.
  • Satisfy compliance requirements while still maintaining the benefits of SaaS based application services.

The challenges of SaaS applications are already here whether they are enabled by IT or end users themselves. Find out how to take back control and safely enable their use.