Wednesday April 25th 2018
Sheraton Grand Hotel
1230 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Infiniti is AWS’s leading public-sector partner and expert in machine learning and predictive analytics. Learn from our master data scientists how public-sector clients can convert their data into insights and targeted actions; as well as develop and implement machine learning tools to automate and scale strategies that leverage data to improve and protect their organizations.

Leading experts in the field detail how data science — plus innovative new tools that leverage robust, highly scalable and efficient cloud architectures — allow all sizes of organizations to tap into big data analytics. Whether it’s designing an algorithm to personalize services for your customers, providing better and more timely insights, reducing fraud, or a unique challenge, Infiniti can help with your data analytics and machine learning needs. Infiniti has a wide range of state approved contract vehicles that allow any public sector client to easily and quickly take advantage of its capabilities.

The program will provide an interactive format, with real public-sector customer examples, highlighting the valuable and insightful results from recent public-sector machine learning and predictive analytic projects.

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