Wednesday August 21st 2019
Hyatt Regency 15th Floor - Capitol View Room
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Sacramento, CA 95814
NWN Wins New Enterprise Contract!
NWN is a Nationally Certified Gold and Platinum Partner serving the State of California to solve business problems through technology.
NWN can provide the following offerings through the new contract vehicle:

Enterprise Technology Contract - *NEW Data Center Contract*


Partnering with Cisco:

Converged; HyperConverged; Networking (Switches, Routers, Security); SAN Fabric: Servers (Rack and Blades)
Partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise: 
Converged; HyperConverged; Networking; SAN Fabric; Servers (X86 & UNIX; Rack/Tower/Blade); Storage (San HDD, San Hybrid, AFA, Tape, SDS, OSA, NAS, Data BackUp and Recovery) 


Benefits of partnering with NWN: Great Pricing through multiple contracts!
CMAS, IT Consulting Services
Master Service Agreement
Off-Ramp Partners (small business, DVBE)
Within the State of California NWN offers a comprehensive suite of IT Solutions including: 
  • Data Center: On-Premise & Hosted Solution
  • Collaboration & Telecommunications Solutions
  • Networking
  • Digital Work-Space & Endpoints: PC Goods, Print & MPS Solutions
  • Cloud
  • Technology Assessments
  • Security Solutions
  • Consulting & Professional Services
  • As a Service Solutions


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Please register to join NWN for an informative presentation on Navigating State of California Procurement Contracts.
With the various IT Procurement vehicles available to use in the State of California the ability to understand all of them can sometimes be challenging. NWN has been conducting business with the state of California for 25+ years and has extensive knowledge in how to best leverage them as well as best practices.

Register now to join the knowledgeable NWN Sales team, engineering team, and technology providers at this upcoming seminar: "How to Navigate State of California Contracts".  *Please submit any questions you have for our team beforehand using the registration form. 
Check in, demos, and optional breakfast 
15th Floor -Capitol View Room
Welcome Address and Review of NWN Contracts
Contracts In Review
Topic 1: Statewide Mandatory Contracts: 
A- Notebook
B- Desktop
C- Server
D- Printer
E- Enterprise Technology
Topic 2: CA Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)
Topic 3: Statewide Licensing Program (SLP)
Topic 4: Multiple Service Agreement (MSA)
Topic 5: CALNET 3(Statewide Telecommunication Contract)
Demos on display, questions, and networking