Wednesday December 18th 2019

Business downtime caused by natural disasters or human error is costly when mission-critical applications and data are not recoverable, potentially resulting in loss of customers, revenue, and reputation. While snapshot technology can help protect data at discrete points in time, it can’t deliver the near-zero RPOs required for crucial apps.

Register now to learn how you can ensure your business-integral information is secure with Rubrik’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP), which delivers near-zero RPOs to minimize data loss. Enabled with a single swipe from the unified policy domain, CDP creates a seamless experience for all data protection policies including backup, replication, and archival.

• Dive into our Continuous Data Protection (CDP) feature to learn how near-zero RPOs are possible for your virtualized workloads.
• Discover how vSphere Tags can be used to provide self-service with easily assigned SLA Domains that enforce required RPO, RTO, replication, and archive settings.
• Learn about the use cases for rapidly provisioning any number of Live Mounts based on any point-in-time or on-demand snapshot taken for a virtual machine.

All live attendees who opt to share their information with the Sponsor at registration will be entered into a drawing to win a $200 Amazon gift card.

Speaker: Chris Wahl, Chief Technologist, Rubrik

Chris Wahl is the author of the award winning Wahl Network blog and host of the Datanauts Podcast, focuses on creating content that revolves around hybrid clouds, CI pipelines, workflow automation, building operational excellence, and evangelizing solutions that benefit the technology community. In addition to co-authoring “Networking for VMware Administrators” for VMware Press, he has published hundreds of articles and continues to enable others on a plethora of open source initiatives, including Rubrik Build.


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