Wednesday May 17th 2017
Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel
1230 J Street, Room 103
Sacramento, CA 95814

Featured Speakers:

  • Bill Harrod, Cyber Security Advisor, CA Technologies
  • InfraGard Sector Chief, Kristina Freas, CEO, Freas Emergency Management Group
  • InfraGard Sector Chief, Cheri Hummel, California Hospitals Association
  • Colonel Keith Tresh, Commander, Cal CSIC
  • Lieutenant Mike Madden, San Bernardino’s Public Information Officer & Community Affairs Division Manager, San Bernardino PD

In today’s fast changing cyber environment, we are faced with the rapid adoption of new technologies, the cloud, ubiquitous mobile devices, the “internet of all things”, and social networks driving all facets of communications. At the same time, financial organizations, health care services providers, and government agencies, everywhere and 24/7, are faced with increasing demands to protect their applications and data. These increasing demands have resulted in significant and very costly security breaches, such as those which impacted Target, Home Depot, Sony, and several health insurers.

Join CA Technologies Cyber Security Advisor, Bill Harrod as the commencement speaker to learn how providing the right users with the right access at the right time, can increase efficiencies, reduce costs and create a stronger safety net for the individuals who need it most.

CA Technologies is proud to partner with InfraGard for a morning focusing on the Health, Financial and Cyber Sectors of our critical infrastructure. Other presentations will include discussions by an industry expert on why identity and access management is critical for securing your business and making sure your employees and external partners are who they say they are; learn why the new regulations regarding Health Care are something you need to know about for emergency recovery and security and what your emergency management priorities should be; hear from the Commander of the State Cyber Security Center on what they are building along with the threats targeting State entities; and receive an update from the San Bernardino Active Shooter.

This event is open to the public. All are welcome to attend, however, space is limited, so we encourage you to register now.

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We look forward to seeing you there.