Monday May 15th 2017

Kick-Start a Radical Change in the Evolution of Cybersecurity. C-level Webinar for Government and Education Executives.

Senior government and education officials are prime for the next evolution in cybersecurity. Although network defenders remain lockstep in outdated best practices, CIOs and CSOs are moving away from the coveted defense-in-depth strategies of the past and looking forward to more effective measures to implement the Cyber Kill Chain™ model.

In this executive webinar, the CSO of Palo Alto Networks®, Rick Howard, will discuss how CIOs and CSOs can more effectively orchestrate their enterprise security posture. Rick will review the state of enterprise cyber defense and provide insight for executives on:

• Why the defense-in-depth model failed.
• Why its replacement, the Cyber Kill Chain, hasn’t realized its full potential.
• How to shift focus to automatic enterprise security orchestration.
• How to influence the board and radically change thinking from the top down.

Join us to learn more about this new and necessary direction in the evolution of cybersecurity.