Thursday June 6th 2019

Before using Rubrik, Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan (FBIM) relied on a solution that was time intensive to maintain and did not provide adequate visibility into the organization’s backup environment.


Rubrik's native automation and orchestration functionality eliminated FBIM’s previously manual efforts, allowing the IT team to:


  • Spend 92% less time managing its backup and recovery environment.
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership by 47%.
  • Achieve 12x reduction in application downtime per year.

Join Systems Engineer, Julie Ulrich, of Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan and a guest speaker from Forrester for a report on the Total Economic Impact* of Rubrik Cloud Data Management.


Date/Time: Thursday, June 6th, 2019 at 8:00AM PST/11:00AM EST



  • Sarah Musto | Senior TEI Consultant | Forrester
  • Julie Ulrich | Systems Engineer | Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan
  • Josh Gant | Sales Engineer | Rubrik


For questions on Rubrik please reach out to your local Sacramento Rubrik sales person