Tuesday December 11th 2018


Maintaining visibility and control of public cloud network infrastructure is a challenge for many security teams. Even new simplified networking solutions such as AWS Transit Gateway Service can be a difficult to properly secure and integrate. Additionally, customers expect security management to be as agile as the public cloud they are consuming. 

Join your peers for this interactive session and learn how to leverage automation with Palo Alto Networks to maintain your security requirements while ensuring the agility of AWS. Register now to learn how to:

- Choose the right AWS networking architecture from options such as Transit Gateway Service, Transit VPC, VPC peering, etc.
- Design security into your AWS network to determine application, content and user identity
- Automate the operation of Palo Alto Networks within your AWS environment


Host: Paul Clement
Cloud & Automation Director


Host: Kevin Brick
Senior Network Architect


Host: Jacob Picart
AWS Certified Solution Architect