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Gainwell Technologies is the leading provider of technology solutions that are vital to the administration and operations of health and human services programs. Gainwell is a new company with more than 50 years of proven experience, a reputation for service excellence and unparalleled industry expertise. Gainwell offers clients scalable and flexible solutions for their most complex challenges. These capabilities make Gainwell a trusted partner for organizations seeking reliability, innovation and transformational outcomes. Gainwell’s world-class solutions for health and human services programs:

  • Medicaid solutions that drive better outcomes and adapt for an evolving landscape with modular services, healthcare portals, cross-system interoperability and much more:
  • Medicaid Management Solutions that streamline workflows and manage tasks, available as separate modules or as part of a complete solution:
  • Human Services offerings that connect people with the resources and support they need
  • Public Health immunization solutions and adjacent services that ensure accurate immunization data, increase physician adoption, raise overall immunization rates, and improve public health outcomes:
  • Technology Services:
  • Medicaid Management Solutions: Accelerate claims processing, support value-based care and control rising costs with integrated solutions
  • Healthcare Portals: Increase access to information for providers, members and MCOs with persona-based service modules
  • interChange: Streamline payer processes, provider reimbursement and claim adjudication with our SOA-enabled healthcare administration platform and integrated solution
  • Interoperability Solutions: Enhance data exchange between platforms and devices for more effective exchange, access and use of data as you meet federal guidelines to empower patients
  • Electronic Visit Verification: Integrate and support verifying in-home services to avoid fraud, waste and abuse and ensure delivery of quality care
  • Care Management Service: Reduce Medicaid costs and improve outcomes for high-risk populations
  • Claims, Encounters & Financials Service: Adapt and accelerate the implementation of critical initiatives and policy changes
  • Drug Rebate Service: Electronically send invoices, gain quick access to rebate information and manage invoice disputes
  • inSight Analytics: Gain valuable metrics about service delivery, financials and more through automated reports and dashboards
  • Managed Care Service: Support electronic data exchange with MCOs and gain the ability to track their network
  • Eligibility Services: Determine eligibility and allow individuals to enroll in the services they need while providing everything from disbursement processing to program auditing
  • Women, Infant and Children Service: Administer your WIC program so the state’s most vulnerable families can live healthier, happier lives – today and tomorrow
  • Early Intervention Solution: Manage your early intervention program, be good stewards of public resources and improve the quality of life for children in your state
  • Immunization Information System (IIS): Automate immunization program processes more effectively with a secure, scalable system that delivers robust analytics capabilities
  • Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers Service: Meet national requirements for quality coverage assessment and better enable providers to determine how well they are doing through systematic, routine examination of client records
  • Insight Analytics for Immunization Service: Use content-rich dashboards and multiple visualizations to discover metrics about your population
  • Blood Lead Registry Service: Facilitate the efficient sharing of results to provide accurate and timely intervention in lead screening programs to track health attributes.
  • Parkinson’s Disease Registry Service: Determine the incidence and prevalence of Parkinson’s disease, examine disparities in risk and conduct demographic and epidemiological research
  • Perinatal Hepatitis B Service: Increase efficiency in providing accurate and timely intervention to assist in the prevention of transmission of Hepatitis B infection from mothers to their infants
  • Analytics: Combine business insights with an array of analytics services to apply evidence-based decision-making and improve care coordination and performance
  • Applications: Unlock value from legacy apps and systems integration while managing costs, improving your agility, reducing risk, and gaining stability and control
  • Business Process Services: Create seamless, streamlined connections that smooth your delivery of critical health services, with support ranging from fiscal intermediary services to business management
  • Cloud: Leverage best practices, economies of scale and expertise to enhance your performance and innovation — while maintaining governance and security policies

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