Photo Credit: FlickrCC/Images by John 'K'

The California Natural Resources Agency, in partnership with the California Energy Commission and California Independent System Operator (ISO), hosted a webinar this week to discuss how the state plans to bolster renewable energy.

The webinar presented information to stakeholders on the draft Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI) 2.0 Plenary Report. The RETI 2.0 Plenary Group was created by the Natural Resources Agency, Energy Commission, California ISO and the Bureau of Land Management as a way to support long-range planning related to increasing renewable resources.

According to the presentation, the group recommends leveraging IT solutions to assist planning, particularly for gathering and displaying useful data. The draft report speaks to this recommendation as it relates to environmental data. This section of the presentation advises making data sets and logic models available online, filling important data sets, and developing a Web-based environmental reporting tool that would be interactive for users.

The report also suggests helping localities with conservation and renewable energy preparation by updating more county land-use planning information.

The draft plenary report was released last month. The group will be accepting feedback from stakeholders until Jan. 10, with the final report anticipated for release on Jan. 31.

California has passed multiple acts in recent years, such as the Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015 and Senate Bill 32, that set specific targets for increasing renewable electricity production and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Since its initiation in September 2015, RETI 2.0 has supported planning efforts related to these long-term energy goals.