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Lucas Ropek is a staff writer for Government Technology. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and writer in Massachusetts and New York.

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Oct 3

Privacy Initiative Would Create State Agency for Compliance

Sep 18

Proposed Privacy Act Changes Mostly Rebuffed as Legislation Nears Law

For the most part, the 2019 state legislative session didn’t bring the changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act that businesses had sought.
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Sep 3

USC, Microsoft Team Among Collaborators in L.A. Data Project

The Neighborhood Data for Social Change initiative teams USC with regional law enforcement agencies to share a select number of crime data sets with the public — things like police incidents of force, citizen complaints, rates of arrest and police officer turnover rates.
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Aug 14

Bill Would Ban Facial Recognition in Law Enforcement Body Cams

The legislation would bar police from utilizing facial recognition software or other biometric surveillance technology in their body cameras.
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Jul 24

Slate of Bills Aims to Change State's New Privacy Law

With less than six months until the California Consumer Privacy Act takes effect Jan. 1, 2020, lawmakers are still considering legislation that would expand and modify the landmark law — if passed.
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May 15

San Francisco Bans Muni-Operated Facial Recognition Tech

After hearing from representatives of law enforcement and civil liberties groups, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to put a moratorium on the municipal use of facial recognition technology. Their city is the first in the country to do so.
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May 8

Package of Privacy Bills Advances in Legislature

A bevy of bills would create additional consumer protections, but key parts of the legislation have shifted or fallen away since originally introduced. They include restrictions on what data voice assistants can store.
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May 2

Most States Have Yet to Act Against 'Deepfake' Videos

The new form of online disinformation has some government officials uneasy about its potential effects on upcoming political campaigns and elections, but policy efforts to address it are sparse.
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Apr 29

Bill Would Ban 'Data Throttling' During Emergencies

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association opposes the measure, which firefighter associations back because of safety concerns.
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Apr 18

SF Considers Banning Facial Recognition Software

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has postponed a decision on the Stop Secret Surveillance ordinance until later this month. If approved, the proposal would, in part, ban the consolidated city-county from using facial recognition software.
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Apr 16

L.A. County Wields Tech to Find Missing Seniors

The LA Found Initiative, launched in October by Los Angeles County, deploys radio tracking to watch over at-risk adults.
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Mar 4

San Diego, Marine Corps Teaming Up on Tech Initiatives

The partnership will focus on a number of initiatives, including collaboration involving some 3,200 recently installed smart streetlights, which are equipped with a bevy of sensors that assist with data collection and law enforcement operations.
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