A New Year is here, and with it the potential for a vast array of new technologies. 2014 was a year of rapid changes, and there is no sign of a slowdown ahead.

Techwire recently talked to several technology leaders to ask them what they expect to see next and what they think is important for the industry and government in the upcoming year and beyond.

Tim BurkeTim Burke
President & CEO, Quest

This year, government agencies will continue to explore Cloud solutions and accelerate their migration towards Cloud computing. The low cost for entry and the rapid access to automation are quickly transforming organizations’ ability to deliver secure, responsive services from any device at any time.

Yet "the Cloud" also creates challenges related to the migration of some applications and functions. During migration, a roadmap will address change management, identify risks, and provide mitigation plans to ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted client services.

Organizations will transform and change their structure to take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency opportunities provided by the Cloud. Roles and responsibilities will include maximizing scalability, managing performance, ensuring reliability, maintaining security, and controlling costs. All critical elements done organically today may be handled by your Cloud provider tomorrow. This transition must be seamless to the organization while maintaining responsive, accessible, and mobile services to the client.

Without a transformation roadmap, the goal of becoming more responsive and accessible may not be fully realized and the opportunity to be more efficient and reliable may turn out to be more expensive. Organizations planning their journey to the Cloud should consider leveraging lessons learned and organizational and technical expertise developed by those who have made the transition.