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Attention, startups and entrepreneurs: The city of Sacramento is banking on your million-dollar idea.

The Sacramento Urban Technology Lab (SUTL) is putting up $1 million in grant funding as part of a citywide initiative to engage government, industry and academia in a “living laboratory” for entrepreneurs, technology businesses and academic institutions to test, develop and scale their ideas, products and services. The annual grants, which began in 2016, are being awarded in three general categories:

  • Ecosystem Building Grants ($500,000), designed to build workforce pipelines to specific industries for startups and individuals in Sacramento. Grants will go toward establishing or expanding programming to build or strengthen these pipelines.
  • SUTL Ecosystem Marketing ($150,000), consisting of three discrete solicitations along with their respective scopes of work: SUTL Innovation Grant Program Documentation, National Marketing Strategy for Startup Growth Competition, and Co-Working Marketing Grants
  • Startup Sacramento Competition ($300,000), designed to help high-growth startups locate and grow in Sacramento. Grants awarded will go toward determining a scaleup’s fit in the Sacramento community.
  • Program implementation will receive $50,000, bringing the program total to $1 million.

A city notice about the grant funding notes: “For the next three annual grant cycles (beginning in 2020 and ending in 2022), the SUTL Grant program will focus on building out the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cybersecurity, Mobility, and Health IT and Life Sciences verticals in the SUTL framework. This includes direct financial support from the city toward programming, training, and infrastructure needs for the startup community within these verticals.”

“By actively supporting technology development and demonstration throughout Sacramento,” the notice says, “SUTL will help grow the city’s existing base of high-tech workers, business incubators, and early-stage technology businesses, and encourage established technology firms and research partners to test new technologies in a live city environment.”

The program was formerly known as the Rapid Acceleration, Innovation and Leadership in Sacramento (RAILS) Grant Program.