California Secretary of State Alex Padilla says California's voting system wasn't compromised by Russia's attempt to interfere with the 2016 U.S. election.

But the issue is in the back of his mind as he looks to safeguard the integrity of the vote.

With increased attention to cybersecurity lately, California is making a sizable investment in its election infrastructure.

This year's state budget provides $134 million for counties to modernize voting systems. It also provides $3 million for the creation of the Office of Elections Cybersecurity and the Office of Enterprise Risk Management.

Because the budget was signed so recently, there hasn't been enough time for counties to request funding and have contracts generated. Even so, the budget allows counties that recently bought new systems to request reimbursement.

Fifteen counties, including Sacramento, recently purchased eligible equipment, according to a spokesman for Padilla.

Padilla said the funding "couldn't come quick enough."

While he is confident the state's election system wasn't compromised during the 2016 election, he says it's time to upgrade and replace voting equipment he considers dated.

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