California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control will roll out its TAP application from ThinkSmart next week as a “way to move into the 21st century” and digitize its human resources work processes, Kham Xiong, chief of applications development for the department, told Techwire.

TAP allows government agencies to build customizable forms that combine with Adobe Sign to build storable documents and data.

The pilot effort is digitizing the annual telework application cycle, which consists of requests and approvals for working from home and can include “forms back and forth between them, their manager and HR,” Xiong said.

Moving HR processes to the software has made the workflow about five times faster.

“It saves a lot of man hours. You’re talking about at least 700 requests annually,” Xiong said.

The information is also validated as the forms are filled out and then routed to the proper manager. If a field is missed or improperly filled, an error message appears.

“We wanted something that’s cheap, something that’s affordable, something that can be deliverable in a quick amount of time. ThinkSmart was one of the solutions that we looked at that meant our high level needs, and when we dug deeper into our detailed needs, ThinkSmart has the ability to be configured to match the work flow that HR had,” Xiong said.

Next the department will look to digitize:

  • Travel expense claims
  • Training requests
  • Onboarding processes