Ten employees of the state Department of General Services have been honored with DGS Values Awards after being nominated by their peers for demonstrating strong commitment to the department’s core values: Integrity, Accountability, Communication, Excellence, Innovation and Teamwork.

DGS Director Daniel C. Kim presented the employees with plaques and posed for photos with each, and the department also posted short videos on its website of each of the honorees. The honorees and the department’s comments about each follow, along with a link to that individual’s video. In addition, a 32-minute video clip of the entire ceremony, held Jan. 11, has also been posted online.

The honorees:

Viana Barbu: “Exhibits integrity in all she does. Takes extra steps to ensure excellent service, advice and counsel. Goes above and beyond to find solutions. Works to find ways to solve problems and achieve client goals. Highly respected by clients.”

Caesar Gutierrez: “Saw a need and created a solution. Took initiative to create one-click portal to save staff time, money and frustration. Embraces innovation. With his team, developed a tool that reflects ideas and needs of all staff. Finds ways to improve processes that will benefit state, customers and DGS.

Will Herald: “Vastly improved process for staff and stakeholders. Allows real-time collaboration, replacing antiquated, exclusionary process. Innovative thinker who solves problems. Aims to resolve current and future problems. Created organizational shift.”

Alex Hunter: “Jack of all trades in a complicated industry. Takes on multiple roles in a highly technical environment. Represents BSC with extensive skill set. Handles budget change proposals, reviews legislation, stays on top of regulations in constantly changing cycles. Produces thorough, reliable analysis.”

Adam Ibarra and Gilbert Salinas: “Support vital work of judges, other DGS staff. Responsive to requests from the field. Follow-through: keep customers informed and take responsibility. Mastered systems specific to OAH, DSA. Learned industry-specific systems. Understand importance of technology to the work of judges and other staff.”

Benny Kharaghani: “Designed innovative system for Food & Ag. Took on the design & installation of automation systems for four greenhouses. Replaced 30-year-old system beyond repair. Saved thousands of dollars for the state. Conscientious, meticulous and skilled in commercial building automation.”

Lori Medina: “Coordinated completion of 98 percent of overdue projects. Helped Direct Construction Unit manage and overcome backlog to deliver for customers. Created “DCU Dashboard” to track projects. System provides project details, status, funding and tracks progress.”

Elias Quezada: “Made a big impact in a short time. Eagerly requests and completes difficult tasks with pride and care. Keeps customers top of mind in everything he does. Displays accountability and reliability. Honors all commitments to customers and fellow staff.”

Matt Walters: “Laid foundation for website redesign project. Created extensive planning and tracking systems. Deftly coordinated a multidivisional team to implement website changes. Makes work easier for others. Simplifies technical details so all can understand and do necessary work.”