The deadline for submissions is April 11 for the 2019 Digital Counties Survey, which recognizes counties across the U.S. that "align their technologies with county goals in order to improve the interactive experience for citizens and others doing business with the county; to save tax dollars through new-found efficiencies; boost transparency, cybersecurity, and engagement; and innovate through unique and exciting projects."

The survey is conducted by the Center for Digital Government* and the National Association of Counties as an annual measure of county performance and innovation in using technology. As counties are constantly evolving in their efforts to advance, the survey also evolves to assess and identify emerging best practices. Many counties use the survey as an annual tool for information gathering, and as a self-assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses, to benchmark the county nationally, and to recognize staff for dedicated and productive improvements.

Based on the 10 key characteristics of a Digital County below, county officials entering a submission should answer what the county has in place and its accomplishments during the previous year; providing brief descriptions and some Web addresses, and respond to check-box matrices. Characteristics that are considered in 2019 Digital Counties:

— Leadership Alignment: Strategy and actions consistent with county priorities/policies
— Citizen-centric: Government Experience (Mobile, Engaged, Digital Services)
— Efficient: Data-driven
— Data Governance: Utilization of data
— Secure: Cybersecurity Measures/Initiatives
— Resilient: Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations
— Staffed/Supported: Hiring and Retaining Competent IT Personnel
— Connected: Connected Infrastructure and Bridging the Divide
— Innovative: Innovative Methods and New Technologies
— Best Practices

Submissions may be completed online here, or downloaded in a Word format here. For more information, email Janet Grenslitt, CDG's director of Surveys and Awards.

*The Center for Digital Government is a part of e.Republic, Techwire's parent company.