Frank Vawter

The IT leaders’ association for California’s municipalities is planning a session on disaster recovery and business continuity, an especially timely offering in light of the ongoing problems state and local governments are having with ransomware and other hacking endeavors.

The panel discussion will be part of the annual conference of the Municipal Information System Directors Association of California (MISAC), which will convene in Monterey for four days beginning Sept. 29.

“What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens (and who can help you)” is part of MISAC’s Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Track and will be led by Fresno’s IT director, Frank Vawter. His panel will include Daniel Stewart from Cisco, Lewis Curtis from Microsoft, Mike Bostic from AT&T, Battalion Chief Todd Tuggle with the Fresno Fire Department and Zelina Novoa from Dell. 

“The panel comes from a variety of backgrounds but they all have one thing in common,” says the association's announcement about the session, one of several planned during the conference. “You will likely be calling them, or their industry peers, in the event of a disaster. These panel members have been selected as the companies they represent make up the components of your technology value chain: AT&T, Cisco, Dell, and Microsoft.”

The conference will offer municipal IT officials a chance to learn, exchange information and network. This panel has a more specific purpose, as MISAC notes: “The goal of this panel is to facilitate a conversation that will go beyond the typical disaster response and business continuity discussion around backup and recovery. This conversation will help attendees to gain firsthand knowledge of what to expect during incidents, how to better plan, what services are available to assist them in their response, and what meaningful actions they can take immediately.”

More information about the MISAC conference, whose theme is “IT: Your Vision, Our Future,” is available online.