Fascinating profile of desert mining town isolated without broadband connection

With a fascinating look at a remote, dusty town of less than 50 people who are stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide, The Los Angeles Times this week profiled Darwin, a former mining town in the high desert mountains outside of Death Valley National Park. Included is a video documentary that features original music by longtime Darwin resident Kathy Goss who recorded a song in her studio, a converted cargo container next to her home, says the article. Below are lyrics. See the entire piece here.

I’m a dial-up girl in a broadband world

I wait all day in front of my display&hellip

No rapid-fire bidding for things I need on EBay

A PayPal transaction can take me half a day&hellip

It’s an isolated world for a dial-up girl.

Bill Maile was editor of Techwire from 2011 to 2016.