Google's high-flying Internet balloons

We have driverless cars and computer glasses that may possibly include X-ray vision. What’s next? Google announced this week that it launched 30 high-flying balloons that will beam down Internet access, at the speed of a 3G network, to remote areas of the world that have limited or no connectivity. The Google team launched Project Loon, named for what may sound like a crazy idea, from a site in New Zealand. Balloons will circle the globe using wind streams at altitudes above commercial air traffic. Google says that for 2 out of 3 people on the planet, an affordable Internet connection is out of reach. They want to connect the 5 or 6 billion remaining people that are currently on the other side of the digital divide. It’s lofty goal. Literally. Check out this video posted yesterday on Google’s official blog.

Bill Maile was editor of Techwire from 2011 to 2016.