Tim Williamsen, IT manager for the city of Petaluma, has taken over as the new president of MISAC, and one of his first actions was to name the CIO of the town of Windsor, Calif., to head the organization's security committee. And Williamsen wants to expand its presence as a leader among state and local government in California.

The Municipal Information Systems Association of California has been “generally limited to attending meetings held by others — Cal OES, CCISDA (California Counties Information Services Directors Association), etc.,” Williamsen is quoted as saying in MISAC Matters, the group's newsletter. “I would like to see MISAC take a lead role in the security arena.” 

In naming Windsor's Robert Lee to head the effort, Williamsen said, “Robert has some very impressive credentials and an intense interest in security.”

Williamsen, who succeeds Fresno CIO Bryon Horn as MISAC chief, cited the need for cities, counties and special districts to share information on security and cyberthreats.

“We anticipate the committee will meet regularly via conference call and in person when necessary,” he said. “Members might be asked to periodically attend meetings or conferences held by other entities (OES, CCISDA, etc.). Ultimately, I envision the committee bringing policy and action recommendations to the Board for consideration.”