Several jurisdictions are recruiting for some key IT leadership positions, including a CIO job, and two of them have application deadlines this week. The specifics:

  • Covered California is seeking a chief technology officer with a Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A.) B rating. The CTO will head the Information Technology Division’s Operations Branch and is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining overall strategic enterprise architecture and policy for Covered California. The CTO implements and leads the Enterprise Architecture and Change Management councils for the enterprise and is responsible for establishing and driving efforts to standardize, improve, and re-use technologies across national State Based Exchanges. In addition, the CTO directs the efforts required to stabilize and harden information technology including security, network, storage, communication, wireless; hardware, software and infrastructure. The application deadline is Wednesday, and more information is available online. The monthly salary range is $10,010 to $11,924.
  • The California Public Utilities Commission is seeking a chief technology officer with an information technology manager II classification to advise “the IT Directorate for policy decisions affecting the department's computing infrastructure including: desktop, server, storage and back-up hardware and software, security, applications and software standards; communication networks; Internet standards; equipment acquisition, installation and maintenance and statewide technology for CPUC facilities,” among other duties. The application deadline for this position is Thursday. The position has a monthly salary range of $8,949 to $10,877, and the details are listed here.    
  • The California Department of Housing and Community Development is seeking a chief information officer to manage the entire Information Technology Branch (ITB) and provide overall direction in planning, organizing, and leading the ITB. The CIO, which is a C.E.A.-level position, “is responsible for all strategic planning, policy development, IT security, projects, and goal setting and ensures successful operation of the technology systems that support the operations of HCD,” the job posting says. “The CIO implements departmental and statewide IT and security policies, as well as the most complex information technology and telecommunication projects and systems.” The application deadline is April 12, and more information is available here.