Techwire has added some new Insider tools to the website dashboard, the latest being a detailed breakdown of the state budget.

The business intelligence tool for Insiders offers an interactive view into the state’s budget. The data set is fully clickable and provides expenditure data for each functional area/vertical for California’s state government and the departments within each functional area.

With a series of clicks, our Insiders will have access to headcount data, expenditure data, estimated IT budgets and brief descriptions of each department and agency. The expenditure data includes:

  • General Fund totals
  • Special funds
  • Selected bond funds
  • Federal funds
  • Estimated IT spending

Future versions of this tool will include department and agency contacts, bids and opportunities and organizational charts for targeted IT personnel and line-of-business leaders.

To access the new feature, click on the “Insider Tools” drop-down menu at the top of the Techwire home page, then click “Budgets.”

If you’re a Techwire Insider and haven’t explored the dashboard in a while, take a few minutes and click around  there may be some new features you haven’t yet explored.