reaches 100

According to the site’s internal dashboard, has featured just over 100 articles since the publication was launched in mid-September. In about 100 days since the launch, the team has covered California’s state and local IT community as well as tech-related events, projects, legislation, personnel, contracts and more. We are also tracking efforts to close the Digital Divide and improve access to information for California’s residents.

To keep the community informed with original news content, we have interviewed executives from global IT firms, high-ranking state and local officials and federal representatives including the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

With more contributors joining the effort in 2012, we plan to expand coverage, including more focus on the small business community. We also plan to expand the online hub where our readers, ranging from state IT workers to project executives, tech vendors and policy makers, can be part of the dialogue and daily look forward to staying abreast of what’s happening in California.

On behalf of the team, happy holidays and thank you for your comments, tips and suggestions.

Bill Maile was editor of Techwire from 2011 to 2016.