We come across a lot of news and commentary online that is worth noting. Here are a few things we've noticed recently that you might find interesting:

Gov. Gavin Newsom recently traveled to El Salvador in an effort to learn what California could do to help stop the flow of illegal immigration. That prompted columnist Dan Walters to opine in Calmatters.org: "It’s much too early to tell whether Newsom’s ambitions on immigration become reality, but as he was touring El Salvador, another crisis much closer to home was blowing up — and how he handles it will probably have much more impact on his gubernatorial career. It involves the state agency that Californians love to hate, the Department of Motor Vehicles." 

As more and more young people consider alternatives to traditional four-year universities — and the mountain of student debt that often accompanies the diploma — a school in San Francisco is seeking to fill that void. It says it'll teach students how to code, and they needn't repay their tuition until they start working in the field. It's a little more complex than it sounds, but it's something to consider.  

Speaking of entry-level tech jobs, there's a report out on the 10 highest-paying entry-level positions in IT. This is something to consider when weighing all that student debt. The lowest-paid of the 10 is QA analyst; the highest of the 10 is data scientist. 

Columnist Dan Lohrmann, writing in Government Technology, poses three essential questions that a chief information security officer must ask. All are crucial to the success of a project and to the operational security of an agency or company.  

And finally, the weekend's almost here and it's time to recharge. On that note, Californians are buying (and charging) electric vehicles (EVs) at a rapid pace. Sales are up 13 percent in the first quarter of 2019 over the same period of 2018. And sales of the vehicles continues to grow and lead the nation.