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Sep 2

Industry Pulls Opposition to Electric Charger Training Bill

The legislation is designed to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure in underserved communities as well as create a new program within the California Energy Commission to fund school upgrades through electric ratepayer-funded energy efficiency efforts.
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Jun 22

L.A. Faces Court Challenge over Data Collection

Trip data, which includes real-time locations and routes, could — without a significant amount of effort — be fleshed out to reveal the individual identities of riders, the lawsuit states.
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May 27

Santa Monica Stands Up COVID Dashboard

The city’s public-facing website is dedicated to COVID-19 resources for residents and businesses. Features include the mapping of available essential services and other timely data.
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Apr 14

EV Infrastructure Charges into State's Public Spaces

Three California cities have explored locating chargers for electric vehicles in the public right of way. The changes promise to help normalize zero-emissions vehicles across the state.
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Mar 27

Data Shows Environmental Benefits of Home Isolation

Private-sector researchers and officials with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) say that one or two weeks is not enough time to get a thorough understanding of the effects of greatly reducing traffic.
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Mar 9

Subscription-Based Ride-Hailing Takes Root in Sacramento

A new service geared toward closing first- and last-mile gaps for commuters, announced in Sacramento and Davis, will also collect vehicle data for autonomous advancements.
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Mar 6

Reaching State's EV Goals Will Take Policy, Partnerships

The Veloz electric vehicle forum, titled "Electric Transportation 2030: Policy, Power and Plugs"' brought together attendees from private, public and nonprofit sectors.
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Feb 25

Los Angeles Will Deploy Electric Fire Truck Early Next Year Insider

Feb 13

San Jose Fund Set for First Round of Broadband Grants

The San Jose Digital Inclusion Fund is expected to generate $24 million over 10 years by collecting lease revenue from telecommunications firms. The first round of grants is about to hook thousands up to the Internet.
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Jan 8

San Jose Innovation Leader Heads to Private Sector

After four years in the public sector, San Jose’s chief innovation officer will join a Bay Area startup.
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Dec 9

Commuter Rail Ripe for Innovation, Experts Say

Metrolink, a commuter rail service in the Los Angeles metro area, has already been credited with eliminating more than 300 million vehicle miles from the region's notoriously clogged highways last year.
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Dec 5

Los Angeles Incubator Funds Zero-Emissions Pilots

Four L.A.-area pilots will each receive $100,000 toward boosting zero-emission transportation. The initiatives aim to offer new modes of travel to underserved communities.
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Nov 4

Bay Area City Using Data for Decisions on Infrastructure

StreetLight Data, known for its use of travel metrics gleaned from mobile and other devices, has partnered with Siemens, a multinational technology company, to form a deep understanding of where EV infrastructure should be deployed.
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Oct 28

Widespread EV Adoption Will Require Infrastructure, Education

A report by the International Council on Clean Transportation looked at the growth of the electric vehicle market across the U.S. It found that adoption is strongest in urban centers and along the East and West coasts.
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Oct 18

East Bay Hub Picked as Test Site for AV Shuttles

Local Motors, which makes the Olli AV shuttle, will partner with both GoMentum, an enormous vehicle test site in the Bay Area, and AAA Northern California to further fine-tune connected-vehicle technology around small, electric shuttles, making the vehicles perhaps the most promising form of autonomous transportation in the near term.
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Oct 7

Midsize Cities Hold Key to Innovations in Smart Mobility

As the experts see it, midsize cities are the ideal places to test and develop new ways of getting around. During a symposium in Sacramento last week, thought leaders discussed the issue and where strides could be made.
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Sep 19

Traffic Data Generates Off-Road Applications

Collaboration between a Southern California land conservation nonprofit and a traffic analytics firm is paying off as officials get a better idea how many visitors are flocking to parks.
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Sep 6

SF Metro Area Toll Bridges Go Electronic

Seven Bay Area toll bridges will move away from accepting cash payments over the next several years.
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Jun 13

State, Others, Mull Cybercrime Risk at EV Charging Stations

As electric vehicle charging stations proliferate, so could the potential for cybercrime. A new report suggests a possible solution, and a state board will weigh another option later this month.
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Jun 5

Counties Contemplating Upgrade to Next-Gen 911

Digital replacements, capable of pinpointing caller locations and handling more data faster, are in the pipeline. The state is assisting various counties in their Next-Gen 911 projects in the form of funding and project management.
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May 31

DMV Hears Comment on Regulations for Testing AV Delivery Vehicles

The California Department of Motor Vehicles heard comments on Thursday from industry, business and transportation planning officials and others, about new regulations that would set up testing of autonomous light-duty delivery vehicles.
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May 22

San Diego Makes Strong Bet on IoT, Telematics and Apps

The city is in the midst of one of the biggest IoT deployments in North America, involving cameras, microphones and sensors, that will help understand how people move through San Diego's streets.
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May 20

Santa Clara County Redefines 'Street Smart'

With highly intelligent traffic signals on major 10-lane arterial roads, the county has been using cloud technology and edge computing to control the flow of traffic for the benefit of cars, bicycles and pedestrians.
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Apr 25

California Leads With Hydrogen-Powered Electric Cars

The state has just 39 hydrogen refueling stations, but could have as many as 1,000 stations by 2030, enough to jump-start the little-known, but environmentally friendly, specialized electric-car market.
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Apr 19

Local Police Agency Lands Wider Drone Deployment

The Federal Aviation Administration has authorized a San Diego-area police agency to operate drones beyond the "visual line of sight."
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