20 Years and Counting:
IT Consulting Co.
Celebrates Platinum Anniversary

Trinity Technology Group in Sacramento
is in now its third decade developing & delivering
end-to-end automated solutions for myriad public agencies


Since its inception in 1999, Trinity Technology Group, Inc. (TrinityTG), has developed extensive expertise in solving real business problems resulting in the successful delivery of over 350 projects for nearly 60 clients.  

“The true key to our success has been our staff,” said Randy Duart, founder and CEO of TrinityTG. “We’re an employee-centric firm. Our approach is to retain full-time expert consultants instead of contractors who leave at the end of a project. This encourages our staff to commit to the long-term success of our clients instead of worrying about where their next job will be.”

In fact, a push to add more qualified, full-time staff in the areas of Agile Delivery, Data Analytics, Cloud Implementation, and Quality Assurance propelled the company to one of the 50 fastest growing enterprises in the Sacramento region in 2015, one the area’s Best Places to Work in 2017, and subsequently, one of the top-five largest IT Consulting firms as noted by the Sacramento Business Journal this year.

The company currently boasts 90 highly talented professionals – from business analysts to seasoned developers, from quality assurance analysts to Scrum Masters – who work hand-in-hand with clients to build successful, custom-tailored solutions. Through this approach, TrinityTG has developed detailed practices in the disciplines of agile development, business analysis, testing, training, project delivery, and many others.

“Our corporate culture of hiring quality talents leads to the development of quality, purpose-built solutions.  This approach cultivates technology leaders who take the time to understand our client’s specific needs and create strong solutions to meet their business goals,” said TrinityTG COO Christopher Worley.

TrinityTG manages this level of achievement in part by investing in the continuing education of the company’s professional staff. This increases their knowledge and expertise and allows them to stay up-to-date on new technologies and approaches to project delivery. The clients benefit from these investments when they are presented with advanced technologies and a suite of quick-start tools and capabilities based on proven successes.

“Recently a project sponsor said while working with our team she experienced ‘the smoothest software deployment’ in her career,” said TrinityTG Chief Solution Delivery Officer Sean Mahon. “She believed the outcome was because our folks were responsive, committed, and truly cared about making her solution user friendly.”

To learn more about the capabilities and services offered by Trinity Technology Group, please visit the company’s website at www.trinitytg.com.