It's too soon to tell which organizations will survive the COVID-19 crisis and which ones will not.

Every organization impacted by COVID-19 must determine the most mission critical area they will invest in and ensure their best HiPER Leader is deployed.

The HiPER Leader is the secret weapon our clients use to deliver their high-stakes, large technology projects on-time and on-budget. HiPER Leaders are the very select group of leaders that organizations depend on for delivering breakthrough change.

ExxonMobilUnited AirlinesLyftCarnival Corporation, and The Boeing Company, among dozens of other companies, are all suffering from 50% or greater stock price drops from their peaks. Nonprofits and government organizations are also at major risk of being disrupted.

Organizations that have at least one HiPER Leader empowered to drive breakthrough change are well positioned to come out ahead over the next 12-24 months.

Many people didn’t believe that Western Digital, our client at the time, would survive the 2011 Thai floods. A year later they were stronger than they were pre-floods because of the leadership from HiPER John Coyne and his exceptional team.

Three Truths About HiPER Leaders:

  1. HiPER’s aren’t just passionate, they have extreme passion  
  2. Their sense of urgency, exceptional strategic mind and ability to lead a team with diverse thinking styles is superb
  3. Whereas a traditional leader is best suited for driving incremental change, HiPER Leaders are born for business as unusual situations, perfect for navigating through crises

Once your HiPER Leader is identified, it will be important to have the right playbook to truly activate them. HiPER’s require the right air cover to give them the freedom to move quickly and without red tape, and a team that has unbridled faith in them.

This is a developing series about HiPER Leaders and how they lead through crises. To stay up to date on this topic, follow our company LinkedIn page: HiPER Solutions.

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