To make informed policy, deliver effective services, reduce costs, and meet mission goals, your public sector agency needs full visibility into all of their data. Without it, even the most sophisticated analytics tools can’t deliver results that drive truly evidence-based decisions.:
Improve Agency Effectiveness and Reduce Risk with a 360-Degree View of Data” discusses how your organization can address key data challenges to optimize operations.
You will learn:
  • Why you need a comprehensive master data management (MDM) strategy
  • What critical capabilities to look for in a modern MDM solution
  • How leading agencies are using advanced MDM solutions to support downstream operational, analytical, and AI capabilities
This eBook discusses the master data management (MDM) capabilities needed by business and IT decision-makers in defense organizations and in civilian government at federal, state, and local levels. It discusses how a comprehensive MDM strategy and solution can address the key challenges facing today’s public sector organizations, and it offers guidance on the critical capabilities needed in modern data management solutions. This document also reviews primary use cases for MDM technology in real-world agencies.