As the traditional network perimeter dissolves due to increasing cloud adoption, combined with the rapid growth in remote workers, protecting sensitive data becomes significantly difficult.

● How do you identify, monitor and protect sensitive data in a cloud-first world?

● How can you stop the unauthorized movement of sensitive data in cloud applications?

● What’s the best way to protect your data-in-motion as well as your data-at-rest?

The Netskope Data Protection report highlights that over 90% of organizations see data protection as a very important priority. Indeed, half of today’s organizations are struggling to prevent data breaches - especially as sharing between and within cloud applications grows. Phishing, malware, and insider theft continue to top the list of challenges Security Operations teams face. A modern, scalable data protection solution is needed as organizations continue to move to the cloud.

Join cybersecurity experts Greg Mayfield, Senior Director, Netskope and Holger Schulze, Founder and CEO, Cybersecurity Insiders on this webinar to gain more insights from the report, and learn:

- Why securing data in the cloud more challenging vs. on-premises environments

- How you can secure data-at-rest and data-in-motion in cloud-first environments

- Key benefits of cloud data loss prevention (DLP)

- How cloud data protection can support a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.

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