No matter what challenges may come, SAP is here to help you navigate these unprecedented times.  We have industry and technology experts who are available to consult with you. In the meantime, you can make good use of these free solutions.   



  • Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse (RWP): A full-scale solution providing a real-time, live barometer to understand how to support your employees … many who are working from home for the first time.


  • SAP Ariba Discovery: All fees are fully waived for all buyers/sellers.  Any buyer may post their immediate sourcing needs & suppliers may respond with their ability to deliver the goods and services required.  


  • SAP & Esri Quickstart Experience: Are you using Esri to geolocate patterns, connections, and relationship? Experience the power of running your ArcGIS system on a platform to achieve better insights and make better business decisions for your organization.  



If you have any questions about these programs, please contact Ann Shook at