San Mateo County, with a population of more than 768,000, is one of several counties that make up the San Francisco Bay Area. Each weekday, thousands of county residents move through the Superior Court system, which handles the full range of judicial business with a staff of more than 280 employees and over 30 judges and commissioners.

Helping make this judicial system run smoothly is the mission of the court’s 12-person IT department, headed by IT Director, Rick Walery. “We provide the technology and tools to help the judiciary and court staff to make the adjudication of justice as efficient as possible,” said Walery. “Our business drivers are different from those of commercial enterprises. We drive value mostly by making manual and paper-based processes more efficient through the use of technology.”

While driving efficiency is Walery’s objective, his team’s top priority is the protection of all court data and documents. “All court records are very important to the individuals involved as well as to the court itself. We follow numerous rules about limiting access to certain documents, based on who’s allowed to access them,” said Walery. “That’s why we chose Rubrik as our backup and recovery solution. We view it as essential insurance in the event that anything catastrophic were ever to happen with any of our data center locations.” 

Prior to Rubrik, the Superior Court was dissatisfied with its legacy data management solution. “It was cumbersome and time-consuming to administer. The solution required me to dedicate employees to understanding how the system worked, and it was really only those folks who could manage it properly,” said Walery. “What made the solution even more resource-intensive was its slow backup, which led to periods of time when we couldn’t restore files or access the applications while the data was being backedup. We had less flexibility than we would have wanted when scheduling jobs around backup windows. When a backup was running, the servers would get so bogged down that certain applications became inaccessible during the backup.” “With Rubrik, the speed of the product is significantly improved. Our backup windows
are now much shorter, meaning less chance they will interfere with production applications which are expected to be accessible 24x7x365,” said Walery. “It used to take us an hour to recover a file, but now with Rubrik it just takes minutes.”

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