Google, a California based company, has been committed globally to support Government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


In response to the ongoing budget crisis all State departments are being asked to reduce costs wherever possible, All AIOs and CIOs should consider G Suite, which offers better technology and enhanced functionality at a lower cost. Google will make the investment to provide impactful, immediate and ongoing cost savings while providing the tools necessary to enable employees to rapidly adapt to the new ways of doing business in order to continue to provide services to State residents without disruption. 


Why G Suite: 

  1. Simplified licensing: All security features are built-in, everything included, no extra charges
  2. Collaboration-first: Efficiency in teamwork and agile methods of daily collaboration tasks accelerate output 
    • Co-workers can be added to any document instantly with one click
    • Work in parallel on the same document from any device and from any location 
    • Automatic version control
    • Share documents without emailing the docs
    • Efficiency in teamwork and agile methods of daily collaboration tasks accelerate output 
  3. Security: Google is exceptionally well prepared against security attacks
    • Government agencies are prime targets for cybercriminals. Critical security and compliance features are baked into G Suite, including FedRAMP Moderate certification, HIPAA compliance, data loss protection, and machine learning-powered protection against phishing and malware.
    • Documents and content are encrypted in transfer and at rest
    • 2-factor authentication 
  4. Future Ready: 72% of the top 100 universities, 8 of the top 10 K-12 school districts use G Suite
    • G Suite is completely developed in the cloud and has no legacy architectures 
    • All G Suite applications run in the browser and look the same on all devices
    • Full feature set and rich experience is available from everywhere
    • Users don’t have to deal with a variety of desktop applications and can stay in the browser even when they are offline. Unlike Microsoft where users only get reduced functionality in the browser


Google Cloud is committed to partnering with the State of California through these economically challenging times by offering free software usage in year 1 and 2. Virtually everyone uses Gmail, Google calendar, Google docs, Google drive etc. in their personal lives which will make the migration seamless with little to no training required. 


Potential millions of dollars in cost savings over 5 years and G Suite moves California away from outdated and expensive legacy technologies. Future proof your productivity and collaboration technology with Google’s continued investment and widespread use of Google apps (72% of the top 100 universities, 8 of the top 10 K-12 school districts)


Potential savings for five years range from $300K for a department with 500 users to $15M for a department with 20,000 users. 


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