We previously published a case study about Intranet business opportunities and how to identify them, but let’s talk about delivering large-scale projects under a tight deadline.

In the video below, Kevin See, DWR Deputy Chief Information Officer, shares his perspective—and we further elaborate—on:

  1. Forming partnerships up, down, and across the organization.
  2. How to select the right vendor partner for the intranet project?
  3. How to deliver a project in 90 days by accelerating the project timeline?
  4. How can rapid prototyping be incorporated into a time-constrained project?

Watch the video starting at about 3 minutes in, or skip to specific parts using the links above.


DWR’s intranet project was successful in large part because of the stakeholders’ attention and the team’s dedication. To deliver the project in such a short timeframe (90 days), we needed to form strong partnerships.

While large-scale capital projects can be delivered in a very short timeframe, they require an experienced team, executive support, and dedicated stakeholders. By applying methodologies and frameworks, such as RACI stakeholder roles, MoSCoW prioritization, agile project management, and rapid prototyping, even the most challenging projects can be delivered on time and budget.

Have a massive project that needs to be delivered fast? Read more about the approach, or contact us to start the conversation.