In a world of rapidly changing budgets, initiatives, governance, collaboration and security burdens, organizations are increasingly finding value in migrating to Microsoft Azure. Planet Technologies offers a comprehensive Azure Datacenter Migration engagement consisting of 4 major stages – Enterprise Cloud Readiness (ECR), Migration Planning, Migration, and Support.  

Stage 1: Enterprise Cloud Readiness

·         Planet starts your Azure Datacenter Migration journey with an Enterprise Cloud Readiness (ECR) assessment of your current environment. The ECR stage includes: General Planning, Cloud Governance, Infrastructure Design, Cost Management, and the Design and Implementation of an Azure Virtual Datacenter. It is critical that new Azure customers become comfortable with key Azure settings and services to manage and protect workloads in the cloud while monitoring and optimizing costs.

Stage 2: Migration Planning

·         A successful Azure Datacenter Migration relies on comprehensive and precise planning to avoid roadblocks, prioritize workloads, and generate an accurate migration plan. This stage includes: Grouping Workloads, Mapping Dependencies, Developing a Data Protection Strategy, Planning Communications, and Managing Change. Detailed migration planning helps your organization avoid common pitfalls when migrating to Azure, while understanding cost savings and the many other benefits of Infrastructure-as-Service (IaaS).

Stage 3: Migration

·         The migration stage includes: Implementing the Data Platform, Performing the Migration Iterations, Testing Migrated Workloads, Executing the Communication Plan, and Validating Data Protection. Planet takes a staged approach to your Azure Datacenter Migration, minimizing end-user impact and performing rigorous testing throughout.

Stage 4: Support

·         Planet provides wide-ranging support both during and after the migration. Stage 4 Support options include: Managed Services, 24/7 Support, Alerts & Monitoring and Critical Support. Planet’s support offerings are customizable and can even include training courses; Azure Fundamentals and Advanced Azure Topics that are intended to prepare organizations to manage and maintain Azure over the long-term.

Planet has helped numerous State of CA organizations realize the full potential of the Azure Cloud for cost savings, increased redundancy, ease of access, and collaboration, while bolstering security and flexibility.

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