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Blackboard Collaborate Takes on COVID-19

Agencies have started preparing contingency plans in the event that employees and job functions are disrupted by COVID-19 or coronavirus. DLT and Blackboard are here to help you think through your own remote work contingency plans and readiness activities in response to the coronavirus.

Our cloud-based technologies, including Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Mass Notification, may help you whether it’s an online meeting, virtual group training, or connecting remote employees, we offer virtual collaboration over HD video for the military, federal, state and local agencies. Learn how you can run less costly meetings, decrease time employees are away from the job and aid with employee development and on-boarding.  Blackboard Mass Notification allows you to communicate with your community and or employees quickly and in multiple methods.

Blackboard Collaborate: Collaboration & Web Conferencing, Blackboard Collaborate sets the standard for training collaboration in government agencies.  Improve outcomes and reduce costs with virtual training and online collaboration between organizations, employees, and trainers. 
We have Blackboard Collaborate available through the Vendor Hosted Subscription Service (VHSS), which is the fastest method for procurement in the State via an interagency purchase through CDT. For more details on how to access a Collaborate license right away in support of work-at-home policies being placed on agencies throughout the State, contact or

  • Unlimited number of virtual rooms, for use in remote Web Conferencing, teaching, office hours and online collaboration between organizations, employees, and trainers
  • Each virtual room supports up to 500 individuals/students, can flex to 1,000 upon request
  • Use as standalone or Integrates seamlessly with your LMS, including Learn, Canvas, Sakai, Desire2Learn, or Moodle provider
  • Collaboration features such as whiteboard, chat, breakout groups, and polls
  • Operates completely within your favorite browser – no plug-ins or downloads required
Blackboard Mass Notification: Our Mass Notification System is a fast and reliable way to alert your community or employees in a time-sensitive situation - Reliable Notifications for Urgent Situations with our Blackboard Connect mass notification system—proven to deliver 99.99 % uptime—you can send broadcast or customized alerts to individuals via a wide range of communication channels: unlimited phone, e-mail, SMS, social media messaging and more.

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