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Calif. Dept. Toxic Substances Moves To Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management

California Department Of Toxic Substances Replaces Legacy Data Protection Technology And Gains 62 Days Of Productivity And 50% Monthly Cost Savings

Prior to Rubrik, DTSC was dissatisfied with their legacy data management solution.   “Our previous solution was complex and time-consuming. It wasn’t user-friendly and we constantly experienced performance problems. It’s critically important for us to have a robust and secure data management solution to ensure that our employees can properly store and retrieve data as needed,” said Jason Marks, Enterprise Architect.
“We began searching for a new solution and were excited by Rubrik’s offerings.”

“One of the main factors in our decision to go with Rubrik was their cloud capabilities. We have enforcement cases spanning as far back as 15 years, so our current retention policy is to save all of the data we gather forever,” said Marks. “Previously, we used our legacy solution to replicate between data centers. Not only were we vulnerable to all the natural disasters happening in our area, but storing our data on-premises was also time-consuming and expensive.”  “Having a strong DR strategy is always top of mind. We’ve taken advantage of Rubrik’s seamless integration with AWS S3 to keep our data in the cloud for long-term retention. In case of a disaster, we can rest assured that this critical data is immune to the elements,” added Marks. “We are also excited by Rubrik’s CloudOn feature, which would allow us to instantly spin up workloads in the cloud and maintain business continuity. If our on-prem site is down, we can quickly convert our archived VMs into cloud instances and launch apps in-demand in AWS.”


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