The California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) manages the state’s forensic mental health hospital system, providing in patient mental health services to approximately 6,000 patients. DSH oversees five state hospitals located in Atascadero, Coalinga, Metropolitan (in Los Angeles County), Napa and Patton. The department strives to provide effective treatment in a safe environment and in a fiscally responsible manner.

Andrew Hinkle, CTO, leads a 200-person IT team that supports over 10,000 employees. “IT serves a critical role in DSH’s ability to operate. Our organization is very data-driven, so our systems provide a vital resource that allows our clinicians and hospital executives to make informed decisions.”

“IT supplies the backend technology for our security systems, which are crucial for hospital safety. Over 90 percent of our patients are forensically committed, which results in a more precarious environment than your average hospital. As a result, ensuring our staff’s well being is a top priority,” said Hinkle, “Our IT team also supports patient data through various medical applications, so any downtime could directly lead to delays in treatment.”

“As a CTO, it’s my job to be strategic about the technologies we leverage,” said Hinkle. “Bringing in cutting-edge tools like Rubrik allows us to work smarter by automating manual tasks and reallocating time towards higher value initiatives that move our organization forward.”


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