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Close the Gap

At UKG, our purpose is people. And we believe that all employees should be compensated fairly and consistently.

That’s why we’re pledging to do our part to close the wage gap that impacts the dreams of many hard-working, dedicated people doing their part to support their families and our economy.

Read on to learn how the wage gap impacts lives and what UKG is doing to help balance the pay scales.

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UKG Multimillion-Dollar Pay Equity Initiative

Pay equity is critical to the health and welfare of the people it impacts. But it’s also critical to the success of all businesses — including our own — and we pledge to continue to invest in education, training, and the technology and tools we use to ensure equity for our own people. We pledge to help our customers do the same by investing in the technology and tools that support their own equitable pay practices.

But we’re also pledging to do more through our UKG Close the Gap Initiative.

What We're Doing to Support Pay Equity

  • Close the Gap Commitment: To help close the wage gap, UKG is contributing 18¢ (the current gender wage gap) for every single employee paid each year via a UKG payroll solution toward the fight for pay equity. UKG payroll solutions are used to pay over 15 million employees per year, meaning UKG will make a $3 million investment in the critical programs and initiatives described below that support the fight for pay equity.

  • Philanthropic Support: UKG is announcing partnerships with four nonprofits that are focused on bringing greater access to education, career, opportunity, and pay equity to women, women of color, and other traditionally underrepresented groups: Grantmakers for Girls of ColorLeanIn.orgReboot Representation, and 9to5. These organizations help women, girls, and people of color, including Black, Latina, and Native American women, as well as those who identify as transgender, gain access to opportunity through education, enter the workforce, grow their careers, and advocate for critical policy changes to create equitable workforces.1

  • Pay Equity in America Research Study: UKG is launching its first pay equity in America research study in collaboration with Harvard Business Review to further highlight the existing pay gaps between men and women in the workforce, as well as progress employers are making nationwide to create more equitable conditions among all genders. Results of this study will be released in 2022.

  • Educational Resources and Awareness: UKG is partnering with experts to develop educational resources for best practices in HR, compensation planning, recruiting, and hiring that are known to establish pay equity and make these resources publicly available for all. In addition, UKG is launching a pay equity awareness campaign, launching in December 2021, that will focus on building awareness of the gender wage gap through broadcast and digital media platforms.

Pay inequity continues to be a pervasive problem across the world. As an organization whose purpose is people, we know that an individual’s income impacts every aspect of life, including their health, wellness, family, and future.
Brian Reaves, Chief Belonging, Diversity, and Equity Officer at UKG

A Proven Track Record of Supporting Equity

UKG is a global leader committed to inspiring workforces and business innovation worldwide. Our HCM and workforce management products are built to remove bias and potential imbalances and build fairness into hiring practices, employee scheduling, as well as performance and compensation management.

Recognition for Gender Equality

We’ve been recognized for our own advancements and dedication to women in the workplace, most recently achieving a ranking of #16 on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women list and being named to the 2021 Top Companies for Women Technologists lists by

In addition, we’ve also been rated by @Fairygodboss with multiple awards in 2021 for working towards gender equality, including a Best Company for Women, Best Company Where CEOs Support Gender Diversity, and Best Technology Company for Women.


What Can You Do to Take Action?

We encourage everyone to step up and spread the word to close the wage gap.

The first step is learning more. Visit our Pay Equity Resources and Insights page where you’ll find educational information, learning opportunities, and other valuable resources that will help you take an active approach to foster change.

Help balance the pay scales.

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