COVID-19: Responding, Managing, and Leading During A Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic is taking a heavy toll, not just on lives but world economies. We are all experiencing massive life changes that affect how we work and how every organization operates. At Forrester, we are committed to helping organizations, and their employees, whether the current storm and come out on the other side of this experience stronger. To help our State of California public servants, Forrester has provided links to relevant COVID-19 below. To maximize value, Forrester has targeted our content along four key areas:


  • Security and Risk: Unfortunately, bad actors see the chaos that COVID-19 has caused as an opportunity. Security and Risk professionals need to stay ahead of threats to keep their organizations safe.
  • Employee Experience: Public servants are trying to juggle personal concerns; a new working environment; and constantly evolving goals while staying productive. Organizations must acknowledge their needs and provide a clear vision to maintain moral
  • Customer Experience (CX): COVID-19 creates a fast paced, constantly changing, environment. This makes strong CX more crucial than ever as Public Sector organizations race to engage residents and partners.
  • Technology: Public Sector organizations need new tools quickly, but that doesn’t mean they can forget about longer-term IT strategy. CIOs need to find ways to identify technology that empowers employees while providing long-term organizational value

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Security and Risk

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Employee Experience

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How Employees Feel About Coronavirus: Early Results From Forrester's PandemicEX Survey

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Customer Experience (CX)

Consumer Reaction To COVID-19 Varies By Age, Income, And Location

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A Snapshot Of US Consumers’ Attitudes And Behavior During COVID-19

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Agile, DevOps, And COVID-19

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Essential Technology For Remote And Quarantined Employees During A Pandemic

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