Digital is so integral to everyday life that it’s no longer “just” a technology. It’s how people live and work—how they shop, bank, learn, communicate with each other, and interact with a host of providers. Private-sector innovators continue to rapidly reshape expectations of what constitutes a great digital customer experience.

As a result, customer expectations keep growing and evolving—flowing like liquid from one experience to another. What does that mean to government agencies? For starters, it means it’s more important than ever to understand what customers want and need—and to put people first as when designing and supporting customer experience.

It also points to the reality that engaged employees and consistently positive customer experience (customer loyalty) are what drive organizational success. One of the best ways to deliver exceptional outcomes is by inviting those people—your employees and customers—to the table to help design and support breakthrough experiences.

Does that sound dramatically different from government’s traditional process-driven approach? It is. This represents a major—and essential—shift.

This shift is already underway. In fact, we’re applying this approach now as we help our federal clients bridge the gap from vision to real-world deployment, enabling exceptional service delivery and experiences that citizens love.