Visual Labs is excited to enter into a new partnership with the City of Fontana Police Department in California. They have a unique "Body Worn Computer" solution that many Public Safety organizations across the country are realizing is a great alternative over other more costly and complex solutions.

The Visual Labs system utilizes an off-the-shelf Android smartphone as an all-in-one body camera, digital camera, audio recorder, and personnel locator. Footage is automatically uploaded to a secure cloud storage system.

"The City of Fontana should be commended for recognizing the paradigm shift from stand-alone hardware-centric cameras to all-in-one software-based computers," said Alex Popof, Visual Labs CEO. Fontana Police Chief Robert Ramsey added "This is exciting, exciting technology. We've gone away from the commonplace technology that's out there and we will be utilizing a smart device ... we eliminate three devices and utilize one piece of equipment to better serve our community."

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