Kiefer Consulting has published an 8-page eBook designed to provide you with tips and best practices for building an intranet that is engaging and helps your organization work more efficiently. It’s totally free and contains the proven approach that Kiefer has used in building dynamic sites for numerous clients, including many or several state agencies.

This eBook is a must-have for organizations that are looking to build a new intranet or considering making updates to their current intranet.

An intranet can help users find information, pinpoint expertise in the organization, and even improve employee engagement.

Kiefer Consulting has a powerful toolkit that can be leveraged to help your organization set up a functional, branded intranet in weeks as opposed to months. If you are looking for support with your intranet or if you have questions, please contact Kiefer Consulting at (916) 932-7220 or

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