The University of California, Berkeley, founded in 1868, is often cited as the top public research university in the United States. The university prides itself on a “long tradition of untraditional excellence.”

Join Scott Hall, Manager and Architect of ServiceNow for UC Berkeley, to hear how Berkeley’s ServiceNow team is working to drive excellence in service delivery. By modernizing IT services, the team is eliminating the departmental IT silos and inefficient workflows that define many college campuses today.

You’ll learn how UC Berkeley:

  • Consolidated 35 BMC FootPrints queues onto ServiceNow
  • Replaced 88 HR forms with 10
  • Gained visibility and ability to track incidents from user initiation through resolution
  • Lowered costs and improved IT and HR services to the campus
  • Strengthened partnerships with the UC Office of the President and other UC campuses

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