COVID-19 has citizens looking for answers about symptoms and testing sites as well as current status of schools, transportation and other public services. This has caused a strain on all government agencies, especially health and human services operations. 

Using Watson Assistant, IBM has designed a virtual assistant pre-loaded to understand and respond to common questions about COVID-19. In addition, agencies can include other important information to keep citizens informed and help them find answers quickly. 

With Watson Assistant for citizens, agencies can: 

  • Scale emergency response by sharing consistent, accurate COVID-19 information across government agencies at all levels 
  • Help citizens quickly and easily access the latest information through their channel of choice – voice or text 
  • Free valuable resources by automating answers to common questions at the local level (e.g., school closures, testing sites, transportation, etc.) 
  • Translate national/US CDC guidelines into local messaging to provide accurate answers without wait times or ambiguity 
  • Dynamically update local information with the latest developments and recommendations 

At this time, IBM is offering Watson Assistant for Citizens via the IBM Cloud at no charge for 90 days* and will assist with initial setup to alleviate the burden on already taxed government agencies. The offer includes: 

  • Access to 15 pretrained COVID-19 intents in English and Spanish, for both text and speech deployment 
  • Initial set up and deployment of pretrained intents 
  • Access to experts for help setting up and tailoring the assistant with local information 

Please register now to connect with an expert at: 


*Program details will be provided by an IBM Representative