The County of Los Angeles is one of the largest regional governments in North America, with approximately 100,000 employees serving a population of more than 10 million residents. The county’s Chief Executive Office’s (CEO’s) Compensation Section, led by Manager Napoleon Valera, is responsible for all aspects of employee salaries and benefits. His team conducts targeted research and makes recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors about everything from cost-of-living increases to union labor negotiations.

For example, based on extensive cost analyses prepared by CEO, the Board may determine that a two percent cost-of-living increase is in order for the year ahead. The compensation team executes these salary adjustments, and is also heavily involved in labor negotiations, with 61 bargaining units and two fringe benefits agreements. For instance, some unions may believe their members deserve a higher increment due to shifting job requirements, or due to attrition in the surrounding workforce. Analysts in CEO perform all the research to determine whether these increases and adjustments are warranted. Information Builders’ business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform, WebFOCUS, allows them to access relevant data on demand, as well as to make a solid business case to support new compensation proposals.